Monday, August 11, 2008

First Post

Well, this is my first post on this blog. I don't really know what I'm doing, except that I'm trying to figure out how this blog works. I leave August 16th, this Saturday, to go to Bratislava, Slovakia for one year as a foreign exchange student. Yay me! This is a picture of Slovakia, not really where I'm going. I just thought this was an awesome picture. I'm going to try to use this blog to keep everyone updated on how I'm doing. I'll also try and get all my pictures on here, maybe. At least the important ones.


janna said...

Happy blogging, sweetie!
Love, Momma

Tony Herrera said...

Looking forward to reading your posts. Enjoy your stay in Slovakia, it's a wonderful opportunity and surely years from now you will look back upon such experience with warm memories.

I really enjoy your Mommy's blog, "La Mariposa en La Pared", and it was from there that I came over. Your Mommy writes some of the most heartfelt and passionate posts. I'm certain she makes you very proud, as does your experience abroad does to her. You are very fortunate to have her as a source of inspiration.

Just a thought, but this blog can be a great way for you to encourage your fellow students to participate. You can make it easy by challenging them to contribute material and images to your blog.

Tell them readers in America are eagerly awaiting your posts and following your blog. Tell them that you need (people have a natural instinct to help) them to take some pictures of scenes, scenes in which others are discriminating against the Roma.

The challenge may produce lots of material for you, but it may also get your fellow students to think differently about the Roma.

Just some friendly advise on how you can possibly get your blog off to a good start.

I've gone ahead and subscribed to your feed in anticipation of your next post.

Buena Suerte!